Portable Mini Cooler

Portable Mini Cooler

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  • Highly functional: Purifying PM2.5 pollutants
  • Green energy, power saving and cost effective: Only needs 2.5 watts to operate
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Plug into the USB Port or Connect to power bank to start anytime anywhere
  • Cooling down temperature: 5~12℃(41~53.6℉) at vent (wind outlet)
  • Light and Small: 650g / 13.1*13.1*17 cm, covers space: 2 Sq. meter (Max)

How to use:

Note: the first use, please fill the water, put it aside for 20 minutes, so that the filter is full of water to use, the effect is better Oh.


1. Ambient temperature of 25 degrees or more to use the cooling effect.

2. The more dry the environment, the better the effect. The effect is inversely proportional to humidity.

3. This is a personal use of the product, the effective distance of 40CM or less, not the whole room to use the air-conditioning.

4. To move this water cooler, you must first clean the water inside the tank, there can be no risk of leakage spilled
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