Blue-light Acne Killer

Blue-light Acne Killer

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Clear acne at its source without harsh chemicals

Acne Killer is a chemical-free clinically proven natural acne treatment device, It uses blue light technology to heal pimples and prevent future breakouts.They are the best for your traditional red, non-pussy pimples.

Throw away your acne ointments and chemicals and discover clear, acne free skin and a more confident you. Simple, safe and painless, this at-home acne treatment system combines the power of fractional blue light with deep thermal heating to heal the skin and target acne-causing bacteria at its source. 

Portable and rechargeable, it takes just 2 minutes, 3 times a day.


Why blue light?

Blue light is a spectrum of light (wavelength of 415 nanometers to be exact) that's clinically proven to be effective in eradicating acne at the source and healing skin from within, explains New York City-based dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum, M.D.

How? "Blue light has been shown to penetrate the skin's hair follicles and pores which harbor bacteria and can cause inflammation, and therefore acne. Bacteria are very sensitive to the blue light spectrum—it shuts down their metabolism and kills them."

Unlike topical treatments that work to decrease inflammation and bacteria on the surface of the skin, light treatment eliminates the acne-causing bacteria (otherwise known as P.acnes) within the skin before in can feed off the oil glands and cause that redness and inflammation, Dr. Nussbaum explains.



How to use:

1. Open the battery cover and install the battery. (battery NOT INCLUDED)

2. Skin cleaning, apply some essence or apply a mask.

3. Switch on the device and the working indicator light is on, the device will release the blue LED light, the treatment head will slightly heating; after 1 minutes, the temperature is maintain in 42 degree.

4. Hold the conductive metal stick, the probe will release the +5V BIO electric current at the same time, along muscle and the direction of lymph, move the device slowly on face from the inside to the outside, from bottom to up.

5. In the treatment process, the device will beep in every 5 seconds, after 2.5S the treatment is stop, wait for 5 seconds, the new course is started; according to your skin condition to adjust the treatment time.


The one-step acne annihilator

  • Safe and painless

  • Clinically tested and dermatologist recommended

  • All-natural and chemical free

  • Non-invasive, gentle and effective

  • Target acne-causing bacteria

  • Deep tissue heat dries skin’s oil-producing glands

*Results may vary based on skin type and severity of acne.

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