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Sometimes we will try anything new to get our pets to exercise or to have fun. The Pet Treat Launcher will be something that surely get your pet respond to you. It is very easy, you load the Pet Treat Launcher with the treats of your choice, pull the trigger and let them fly off. It will then make your pet running after these flying treats, while having fun and doing exercise.


About the Pet Treat Launcher:

  • The launcher has a transparent cap, so you can see how much treats left you have in the launcher.

  • It is made made with non-toxic plastic material. It prevent any kind of contamination that could occur with the pet treats that you will be putting in.

  • This is a great and fun tool to encourage your pet to exercise. It can also be an educational tool, as they can learn it is only used when they deserve a reward with treats.

  • Treats may fly out at different distance depending on the weight, size of the food & environmental factor such as the wind.


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