Tension Reliever Mushroom

Tension Reliever Mushroom

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What is Tension Reliever Mushroom?

You are on the nerves and it feels. Catch this amazing mushroom and let it alleviate the accumulated stress of the week. Stretch it, twist it, tap it against your desk (avoid your colleagues) unload all your tensions and finally be relaxed.Refuse to stress yourself out about things you cannot control or change. Break up with stress now. Take a deep breath, it's just a bad day not a bad life. 

Physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called Endorphins. This Anti Stress Mushroom is made to relax and helps to relieve stress as it manipulates the fingers and acts as a form of exercise. Stress is not what happens to us but it is our response to what had happened and response is something we can choose. Our bodies are built for movement. Therefore, choose to move rather than focusing on the issues of life. 

Perfect for anyone everywhere, at travel or at home. This gorgeous mushroom is for you. Nothing is permanent, don't stress yourself too much. Just do your very best, appreciate each step and forget the rest. Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • This product is not a food, do not eat
  • Please clutch or grasp it in appropriate force

  • Material: rubber
  • Dimensions: 15cm high, diameter between 3-5cm high, diameter between 6-8cm
  • Prohibited to children under 6 years
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